Nav bar not showing up on on iPad Simulator


I’m having trouble with displaying the navigation bar on the iPad simulator. When the simulator runs, all I get is the empty tableview. The entire nav bar is missing. The iPhone simulator (nav bar and all) works perfectly fine.

Thinking it might have been my code, I downloaded the solutions from the BNR site. It still doesn’t work. If anyone can help, I’d greatly appreciate it…im kinda stuck at a (hopefully) small roadblock.

Thanks in advance,



I found that the screen height of my macbook air was smaller than the height of ipad simulator. Try to scroll up and down with three fingers to see if that’s the case.


This is correct. Additionally, you use ⌘+1 ⌘+2 or ⌘+3 to change the zoom size of the simulator. This is great for iPad, or for retina iPhone (if you are not running the simulator on a retina screen).


You guys are great, and I feel like an idiot. :confused:

Haha, I feel like sometimes these little (easy to solve) things can really stop you in your place. Thanks so much.