Need Bitmap Detailed Explanation


So, before I start Android Programming, I used to know that bitmap is only a format of image in computer like JPEG.

Now, bitmap seems very complex in Android Programming for me, so I hope if anyone could explain me few points of bitmap like :

  • Simple explanation about the class, and its role in android.
  • How it works ? especially createBitmap method which make me confused with all its parameters. I would glad to know if there is any explanation about Matrix that used as parameter in createBitmap method as well.
  • What is the most used method in bitmap, and in what case should I use it?
  • Is this the simplest way to handling image whether its taken from camera nor to display it into surface ?

I gladly to know if there is detail explanation more than I pointed above. I also hope if the moderators itself could give me a good and simple explanation made by using parable example like the beach, sharks, life guard in chapter about Api and build version compability.

Sorry if there is any grammar mistake.