Need help trying to call a SplitView from a ViewController


I want to know if is it possible to call a split view controller from a previous view controller in iPad

what I mean is…

  1. My initial view controller is a TableViewController called Login
  2. After my user logged it would display Detailed View Controller also known as my SplitView (Master and Detail) is shown on screen, is it possible??

tried with segues and nothing happens

thanks in advance

Juan Ayala


Reading the UIViewController Class Reference and associated Companion Guides will enable you to answer the question.


I’ve been reading that chapter, haven’t find the answer yet, an example could help a lot more

thanks in advance for the response



Nobody??? I’m using storyboards to complete this task, still researching but still have nothing

thanks in advance


This is a pretty basic view controller programming task.

I would not jump into storyboards without enough experience with driving view controllers manually; I would first make sure that I understand how to drive the view controllers manually.

As for providing a working example, no. You need to take time to read and undertand the fundamentals; it’s painful and time consuming, but it is all part of the learning process.


Friend don’t take me wrong but when you’re work you spend half of time learning and half of time applying, most of the questions I put here I answer myself alone because in my way I find how to do it, and I post the answers to my own questions for people like me who is barely learning how to program with X-Code, if you have the knowledge and if you take the time to share it with me, that will be useful not just for me but for other people with same problems, don’t blame me for looking for answers you started like me once :wink:

thanks in advance =D