Need Java Book Recommendation


I am a systems programmer with 30 years experience, primarily in C and assembler - I’ve had some exposure to OOP, C++ and Java but nothing substantial. I’ve been going through the book and each sample, and dealing with objects and Java is just killing me - what would be a simple task in C takes me literally hours to figure out. Can you guys please recommend a book or two that you think would be best? I am guessing with your experience teaching you have a couple of “goto” resources you recommend?

Thanks in advance,


I’m using a combination of Java resources.

Java: A Beginner’s Guide, 5th Ed (Schildt) - It’s a quick read and will get you up & running with OOP + Java fundamentals. You may find you’d have to supplement certain topics commonly found in Android programming, especially anonymous inner classes and event handling. Core Java (listed below) deals more in-depth with those topics.

Core Java Volume I.

Java: How to Program (Deitel) + Building Java Programs - Good for beginner exercises to apply the concepts in some context. (I understand you’re an experienced systems programmer but I’m adding these resources for anyone else who may be interested.)

Ultimately, you’ll want to find a book that suits you in writing style, etc while covering essential topics like OOP, classes, interfaces, multi-threading, generics, event handling, i/o, exceptions and more.


THanks I appreciate it - I wasn’t impressed by Learn Java for Android 2nd ed.


You’re welcome!