Need to know to object that needs to know about


With objects in Interface Builder, you will drag from the object that needs to know to the object that it needs to know about. Could you say this another way and explain the direction in which we need to make connections?


Although that statement is correct, it can sound ambiguous to some readers.

This is what it means: You drag from object A to object B that object A needs to know about.

For example: You have a view controller with a text field outlet. To connect the view controller to its text field object, you drag from the view controller’s text field outlet to the text field object. If you want to make the view controller the delegate of the text field, you drag from the text field to the placeholder (File’s Owner) that represents the view controller.


thanks, for responding. i see i need a little more help here. what then is a delegate and why is the a view controller not considered a delegate or is it? what does a delegate do? i mean, if posing the question to myself what question would i be answering if i say i need a delegate. and, then, i hate to ask, but the view controller will communicate the objects in the view, what is being seen in the window, right? in the book the Appdelegate seems to do that. thanks, i really appreciate the assistance.


A delegate is just an object that another object can send messages to in order to notify, obtain information or to get work done.

Some objects send messages to their delegates if they are configured to have one. One such object, for example, is an instance of the NSTextField class.

You usually find out if an object can/should be configured to have a delegate by reading the class reference for that object.



i don’t think i have a handle on it yet.
the problem too is, i don’t know enough to ask a follow question.

but thanks, i’ll keep reading.

he really should have used a controller, MVC, and saved the AppDelegate for a later lesson.
apple too, with its getting started TrackMix program.

in thinking about what a delegate should do, or be about, it seems to me it should do be the stuff that i don’t want to do, or can’t do well, or keep the coding down by not having an object with so many methods,or something like that. here the i i’m thinking is the main object. ok that might not be crystal clear… but neither is my understanding.

so, let’s say, i am prime minister, or president, in my circle of things i have to do everyday i can’t hammer out every word of a fishing agreement. so i send a delegate, his/her job is to listen to others, state my overall concerns, and report back. so, i’ll tell the delegate his/her responsibilities for the meeting, listen, state, report back.

man! i hope that’s what this delegate thing turns out to be.

again thanks,



the Shakespeare thing, about the names, rose, that stuff.

ok the AppDelegate is the controller. the thing is the naming, though not important, well in the sense that the program won’t run, should be.
delegates mean something in framework other being a controller. i mean a delegate is implemented depending if an object calls for it. a controller is the go between, (view, controller), (controller, model), (controller, controller).

i know, a lot of questions, but am i on the right track?