Neep help with XIB approach to Silver Challenge


I’m very stuck and feeling very frustrated. I finished the BNR 7Day iOS bootcamp, but cannot get past this Silver challenge.

How do I use my programmatically created UIView HypnosisView in a XIB file?

I have HypnosisViewController.xib, and in this XIB file I have …
– Identity inspector shows that Class for File’s Owner is HypnosisViewController
– Connections inspector for File’s Owner shows an Outlets connection from view to HypnosisView
– Identity inspector for HypnosisView shows that the Class is HypnosisView (and Hypnosis View is shown in the Document Outline).
– The Connections inspector for HypnosisView shows a Referencing outlet from view to File’s Owner.

I commented out loadView in HypnosisViewController.m, but after that I’m at a complete loss as to how to move forward. Do I need to implement an initWithNibName: bundle: in my HypnosisView class??

My HypnosisView class is not an archived object, correct? So I don’t really see how to bridge the gap to InterfaceBuilder with HypnosisView.



Looks like implementing awakeFromNib in the HypnosisView class was the key.

If anyone else is looking for more on this, I found the Stanford iTunesU iPad and iPhone Application Development Lecture 5 - Protocols and Gestures (October 11, 2011) pretty helpful, especially where the instructor starts working through the Happiness app demo.