NerdFeed App Replace Archiving With Core Data


Third edition of the book discusses Advanced MVCS and Archiving for persisting purposes. As i faced issues archiving thumbnails in my nerdfeed app (that i have discussed here, i have decided to move to Core Data. NerdFeed was also shown to use Core Data in the book but only for saving the link to show read items and later use it with iCloud.

What i want is to replace Archiving including NSKeyedArchiver, encode and decode methods and replace them with Core Data to save both RSSChannel and RSSItems data and also fetch using the same framework.

Anyone would like to help how to get started. I know the forum is a little dead and no one will reply but still trying. Thanks :slight_smile:


Start by creating your model file for RSSItems and RSSChannels. Set up a to-many relationship from channel->item.

Rewrite the parser could to insert objects into the managed object context instead of allocating them.