New Edition?


Any plan to create an updated version of the book?



I created an account just to follow-up on this topic. I would also like to know when a new edition is released before I buy this book.

Thank you


Any reason why you are waiting on a new edition? I’ve been able to work through the book without any issues so far (ch23)


This book needs more stuff, like NavigationDrawer which is quite new.


Well we’ve now got all the shiny new Android L stuff - TV, Wear, new Maps APIs, Google Places, new effects and views, the compatibility library is more robust than before with the inclusion of the action bar etc. I too would love a new version of the book, it taught me everything I know!


Would really love to have a newer version of this awesome book!!!
Hoping it gets out soon.


I am also counting on the new Edition. Requesting a response from BNR team.

#8 … index.html

KitKat (API 19) At 30%, Jelly Bean (API 16 or higher) at 80%, and Android L has not rolled out yet. It’s time for a new edition, the Gingerbread/Froyo considerations belong in the archives.


Hi, I am a college student and have recently discovered how interested I am in android development. I really want to dive in and learn everything I can, but I don’t want to waste my “tuition funds” on the android book if a new edition will be coming soon. Should I still get the current one or wait?

Thank you!


Received confirmation via Twitter that a new edition is coming up, with no definite date. One of the authors told me they are currently working on a major update to the book that will be based on the new Android Lollipop.

See the image for details.

I did however managed to publish my app, supporting till KitKat using the current book extensively. From my experience, not much changes and the current version is very usable, with some slight modifications needed for the Android Manifest to the map chapters. You can check out my guide to see the latest updates required if you wish to follow the book, or using Android Studio.

If you wish to work on Android Lollipop, do follow the book’s instructions first, master Android, then check up BNR blog on how to update the CriminalIntent project in the book to use the latest Material Design from Android Lollipop


Amazon has the 2nd edition up for preorder: … UTF8&psc=1
Release date is set for August 6, 2015 :frowning:


[quote=“totalblackout”]Amazon has the 2nd edition up for preorder: … UTF8&psc=1
Release date is set for August 6, 2015 :frowning:[/quote]

you beat me to posting the amazon link. :slight_smile: But the tenative release date for Amazon is discouraging as August is so far away. I’m still looking forward to the new edition and won’t let the release date stopping me from learning.


Does anyone know if this new edition will be using Android Studio or staying with Eclipse?


It will almost certainly be in Android Studio. From … bolectric/, since May 2014 (after the 1st Ed was written in April 2013), BNR has made “the switch to Android Studio as our preferred Android IDE, migrating away from Eclipse in our Android bootcamps and book”.

Since the 2nd Ed will be out around August 2015, you can refer to my guide (viewtopic.php?f=396&t=9107) if you wish to use Android Studio using the current edition of the book. I’ll try to update the guide to the latest developments in Android Studio whenever I can. But so far, I’ve encountered no issues with using the latest version of Android Studio 1.1 RC 1 in running and updating my app :slight_smile: .