New to the book, have a question


Hey everyone,

New to the book and Objective-C, halfway done, great stuff so far. I have a question:

  1. Should I go with the “Big Nerd Ranch Guide to iOS Programming (3rd) Edition” next - or - go with the latest “Stanford Coding Together: Apps for iPhone and iPad Course” (Winter 2013)?

I purchased the Big Nerd Ranch iOS 3rd Edition and understand there is some basic errata for iOS 6 vs. the Stanford course covering iOS 6 as a start.

I also have the “The Core iOS 6 Developer’s Cookbook (4th Edition)” and the “Programming in Objective-C (5th Edition)” both Kochan books as well.

I’m into learning and doing as much as possible to write great code. So would appreciate some guidance for my persona curriculum here :sunglasses: