Newbie - detailed guide for XCODE 5 users


Please provide a step-by-step, very detailed guide with images, to bring the Xcode5’s “single view application” template to what is described in this book. very important since the very first chapter of this book is becoming not informative at all for newbies. The problem is related to the missed “xib” file and the “storyboard” file that exists by default.
As for me, I bought the book last saturday and i am really very confused. All what i tried just did’t work for me.

The book “Objective-C programming” was good start for me. Please help me to continue.
Thank you.


Answering my own question:
I found this useful.

The Idea is NOT to create a “Single view application” as described in the book, but create an “Empty application” then add that “Single view” to it.
This is quite simple and described very well in the above provided article. Please notice that there is no need to select any “Main interface” in the “deployment info” section.

After doing this, You will be able to start reading this section with no bad news.

To know more about that “storyboard” thing, you can read section #24 of this book. it is all about the storyboard approach.

Hope this may save someone time.


Thanks a bunch for this!