Nib name and bundle


In UIViewController’s designated initialiser- initWithNibName:(NSString *)name bundle:(NSBundle *) bundle, if we passed in some wrong or meaningless arguments. e.g.- Instead of @“TimeViewController” we pass in @“gibberish” as 1st argument. Similarly for 2nd argument, instead of passing in [NSBundle mainBundle], we pass in [NSBundle bundleWithIdentifier:@“gibberish”], shouldn’t their be a run-time error? Since there is no such XIB file named as “gibberish.xib” and a bundle named as gibberish, wouldn’t the run time complain?
Or is it that after having looked for these above things (named as gibberish) that the search for TimeViewController.xib takes a different course. And since these attributes return nil(coz there is no such XIB file as gibberish and bundle named, thus the run time is eventually finding the right resource files and loading them?
If this is the case then doesn’t that mean that we are calling initWithNibName:nil bundle:nil in the process??
Please help me understand the underlying mechanics of this scenario wherein we pass in undesirable arguments to UIViewController’s designated init.