No Photos or Videos


For this exercise, i am using the iPhone simulator 7.1.

when I press the “photo” button it doesn’t show any photos at all.
I just get the following message: “No Photos or Videos --You can sync photos and videos onto your iPhone using iTunes”

I tried putting a photo in the finder -> go -> home -> picture folder but it still doesn’t show up on the simulator.

where is the "photo library?!

How can i get the photos to show on the simulator??



I finally got it to work. It turns out the photos are store in the simulator’s library (don’t know the address). It won’t work if you just drag a photo into the library because the “simulator database” doesn’t read it.

So, here’s how it works (for anybody having trouble the first time around like I did) :

  1. run simulator.

  2. Hardware->Home

  3. drag a photo from your Mac onto the SAFARI ICON.

  4. click and hold.

  5. “save image”

This should solve the problem.


That’ll work!

Alternatively, the book says (third paragraph, page 219):