No Scroll bars Handles in ScrollView


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Scroll bars don’t show up…

Hi all.
I Embed ScrollView in the Custom View
Checked "Show Horizontal Scroller " and "Show Vertical Scroller"
but when I run it the Scroll bars are blank (white bars) no handles
or Left right buttons or up down either.

in MainMenu.xib
Tried Scrollview. but nothing as well.
also tried in MyDocument.xib

What am I doing wrong. XCode 3.2.1

also just as an aside, when I shrink the window vertically
the Top of the Green gets stuck to the top of the window
with no boarder…



So I did click on the Empty Scroll Bars and enabled them
Which Did make them show. but they still do nothing.

Compared to the working example I downloaded from here…
and can’t see any difference.

I’ve tried Document and non document based projects
still no love…

help!! please!!



Ok Solved…

I forgot to set the stretchView size to larger than the window so it
has something to scroll. sigh… pg 244

hope it helps someone, instead of being a eternal record of
my own dumbness…