No Simulated Metrics in attributes inspector for UIView


On page 182 of chapter 9 it says “To unlock the size, select the UIView on the canvas and open the attributes inspector. Under the Simulated Metrics section select None for the Size option”. However, when I select the view, I see no “Simulated Metrics” section under attributes inspector. I see a heading of “View”, followed by Mode, Tag, Interaction, Alpha, Background, Tint, Drawing, Stretching. I’m on xcode 5.1.1, have things changed since the book was written? I’m confused since no one else on the forum seems to have this problem. Perhaps I am looking at the wrong thing. If I click on View Controller in the hierarchy pane, that has Simulated Metrics in the attributes inspector, but changing teh value of Size there did not seem to make any difference in allowing me to change the size of the UIView that I just dragged on.

What is it I should be doing to resize the UIView?



If the view is managed by a view controller with an xib file, you can’t display the Simulated Metrics section by clicking on the view. To be able to do display its Simulated Metrics section, put the view in its own xib file.

Also you you should be able to resize a view by simply dragging its resize handles in the interface builder editor.


User error on my part! Simulated metrics was there, but because it was closed, I didn’t see any of the fields under it. Weird how you only see the “show” word in grey if you hover your mouse right over the empty space above it. If you don’t know to do that, not at obvious that Simulated metrics has fields within it! Thanks for your comment, though!