No text shows up in Custom View


So after following every point up until the end of chapter 20, I notice there isn’t anything showing up on my BigLetterView custom view in my project. Like I said, I’ve been up and down the previous chapters trying to figure out why, I’ve double checked all code given in the book, and I’ve also downloaded Big Nerd Ranch’s solutions to compare each project file. After running BNR’s project file, I noticed the big red letters aren’t showing up either.

Now, I’m wondering if that is because I’m supposed to be reading into subsequent chapter for those letters to show up? Is the 4th edition already a bit dated (I’m running Xcode 4.6.1 on a Mac OS Lion 10.7.5)? Or is there something I’m missing out on here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I feel I can not continue with the book until this is figured out. Thanks.


It appears some default my have changed in Xcode. If you put the code in awakeFromNib instead of initWithFrame it should work fine.

This is the code I’m talking about:

[self prepareAttributes];
bgColor = [NSColor grayColor];
string = @" ";