No UIView option when creating new Cocoa Class File


A lot of the problems I am running in to are because of the version of xCode I am using. (6.2). It seems to be a lot different from previous versions.

I managed to follow another post on here to create an empty template… all ok.

Now when creating a new cocoa touch class file, creating a class ‘BNRHypnosisView’ there is no option for ‘UIView’ under ‘Subclass of:’… the top one shown is ‘UIViewController’ do I select this one?

And also, do i also create an XIB file at this stage?




Hey I ran into this problem too, i am currently using xcode 7.x and there is a UIView option to create a subclass, you just have to play around with it. Try finding this with swift and before you create the swift class, switch to objective C class and creat it. hope it helps