No update in the OpenGL section?


I was looking at this book at the bookstore and noticed that the OpenGL section still reflected the fixed function pipeline which has been depreciated long ago now. Do you guys plan on adding or editing this section to take advantage of the opengl core specification in the near future? Perhaps you have a book in the future that would be dedicated to just OpenGL? The iOS programming book that i bought doesn’t even mention OpenGL at all.

Also i noticed that the OpenGL course coming up this year comes with the SuperBible 5th edition yet it seems that the authors of these books try to steer the reader away from OpenGL and instead use their customized wrappers that they have written. It looks like course you offer focuses on modern OpenGl using shaders but it seems that the SuperBible doesn’;t really go that route.

Would like to hear feedback if possible. thanks!



As you probably observed, the OpenGL chapter in the book is pretty basic. Our goal is more to show how OpenGL can be used in a Cocoa application, making sure you’re doing drawing in the right place and so forth, as opposed to teaching OpenGL programming itself. Thus we try to keep the exercise simple.

I haven’t taken our OpenGL course so I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that the course uses the book more as a resource than as a guide. If you want to know for sure, please use the contact form; they will ask the instructor to find out.

Thanks for asking!