Noise from the cheap seats.... Advanced iOS book


How about a book that just focuses on key things in the latest version ?

Instead of taking 1.5 years on another version. Why not just do “iOS 8 for iOS developers”? Here is an example: … -impatient

I KNOW Apple doesn’t tell anyone or puts you under an NDA until the last minute but if you ONLY focus on converting an OLD app to leverage the NEW API it should be quick and offer folks value.

The book is too tightly coupled and Apple moves to fast in my humble opinion.

A book on how to do code reviews, GIT, remote development, testing, leveraging OSX Server and code formatting would be ideal.

I can’t believe how long xCode has been around with no way to enforce coding standards for a project.

It would be nice to have a command line utility that would enforce this before GIT check-ins to avoid white space noise.

It would also be nice to have a ‘Checkstyle’ type of Java tool that would look for common mistakes and errors.

I really miss the @Override annotation in Java so if I fat finger a method or change my parent object I instantly see what methods are now dead. This is true for Delegate changes as well.

I like how Objective C is built around the Null Object pattern until I starting throwing out bread crumbs of NSLog to figure out what is broken.

Enjoyed the book.

Aaron has built a cool company. Wish you guys all the best.



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