Not getting the warning mentioned


I’ve recently registered as an iOS developer and am trying to learn as much as I can about this stuff, but there are a few inconsistencies I’ve run into and I’m wondering if they’ll hamper me in any way. In this chapter, running the congratulateStudent function doesn’t produce the warning mentioned in the book. I’m using the latest version of Xcode (v5-DP3, as of this posting) and didn’t get any warnings or anything. The program ran fine so it leaves me wondering if the situation that causes this warning was fixed in Xcode 5 or if it only happens sometimes or if I’m just completely missing the boat here… Can anyone confirm that they also don’t get this warning or what I need to do in order to see it? Should I use Xcode 4 instead?


Stay with the version of the Xcode you have, and adjust the value of the setting named Missing Function Prototypes under LLVM compiler Warnings in your project’s Build Settings; yours is probably set to No.


Thanks… That’s exactly what it was. I’m not used to reading in this style where you kinda just have to go on faith that the author is going to come back to those types of things. That’s kinda what happened hear because they end up covering this later in the chapter. I was just uncertain why mine would be set differently since I’ve never used Xcode before this. So far, I really like the way the book handles this. I’m always just worried that I’m going to miss something key and that future chapters won’t make sense without being absolutely clear on things.