Not getting to the jpg


When I implement the changes described, I do not get directly to the jpg, but rather to the flickr screen that displays the jpg and information about it. The if I click the thumbnail, the jpg loads and fills the entire screen. Is this the way it should be working? I expected it to load the jpg directly. One nice feature is, once you do load the jpg, you can swipe left and right to browse all the photos from that owner.

Also onRecievedTitle is returning “Flickr” instead of the photo title on the first page on land on. Since this is an automatic callback I am not sure where to look for a reason. Once I click the thumbnail to load just the jpg, it works correctly.


EDIT: You can access the full size original photo by adding data to GalleryItem for Server, Farm, and Secret. Then change the URL to the following, where size is a string such as “_b”.

public String getPhotoPageUrl() { //return "" + mOwner + "/" + mId; return "http://farm"+mFarm+"" + mServer +"/"+mId + "_" + mSecret + SIZE + ".jpg"; }

There are two complications which I may work on later this week. One is the size of the photo - these codes, which are described in the link below, would probably have to be decided dynamically based on resolution, unless WebView will size if for us. The other is I hard coded “.jpg” which may not always be true. A better way might be to extract the last four characters of the short url.

This link has all the info described above. He is using JSON but it all applies to XML as well.


Yep, that’s the idea - it should show the Flickr page for the photo, not the jpg itself.