Nothing here.... my mistake..... thanks macintux


Hi folks

i’m working through the example that uses the logger function to deal with NSURLConnection but it doesn’t appear to print out anything

I’m getting the following output on the console - i added the"that was it line "

2012-01-04 12:25:43.395 Callback[9134:707] recieved 643 bytes
2012-01-04 12:25:43.397 Callback[9134:707] got it all !
2012-01-04 12:25:43.397 Callback[9134:707] string has 643 characters
2012-01-04 12:25:43.397 Callback[9134:707] the whole text is as follows :
2012-01-04 12:25:43.397 Callback[9134:707] that was it !

i going to , safari brings up a seemingly blank page so perhaps the content changed . can someone please confirm this is the case . i think i have understood the example okay but its thinks like this that make you doubt whats going on :slight_smile:

cheers everyone


#2 (“e” in gutenberg, not “u”)


Thank you macIntux

sometimes it takes someone else to see the blindingly obvious

I also missed out the %s which is why it didn’t print out my string which would have been a bunch of html from the other site - interesting that there is which has no content - that threw me