Object Instantiation and .xib files


I have just completed the Whereami app and I am trying to completely understand this code so I have a few questions regarding the objects we used for the app. In WhereamiViewController.h we declared four instance variables, three of which have the IBOutlet modifier. What I am trying to do is find in the code where we have allocated and initialized these objects, and all I have found is the instantiation of the CLLocationManager object in the -initWithNibName: bundle: method. Is there code being auto written when we use Interface Builder? And is that the reason we modify our instance variables with IBOutlet? I’m confused because it seems like I have used objects before I have even created them. For example, in the -viewDidLoad method we send worldView the message -setShowsUserLocation: but I can’t find any code where the object worldView has been instantiated. Thanks for any help on this subject.


For anyone that has or will have this same question, I ended up figuring it out. Just took and bit more reading :slight_smile: Here’s a link to the explanation.
developer.apple.com/library/ios … 00051i-CH4