Objective-C version of Homepwner that uses storyboards


I have the 4th edition of the iOS Programming Guide and just purchased the 5th edition. I wrote an Objective C XIB based app based on Homepwner sample (in the 4th edition) and am trying to convert it to use storyboards. Has someone created an Objective-C version of Homepwner that uses storyboards? If so, can I get access to it? I’d like to compare the XIB-based and storyboard-based Homepwner app in the same language to see an example of the changes required to move from a XIB based app to storyboards.

I am learning Swift and am starting to go through the 5th edition of the book. Ideally, I’d like to understand how to convert a XIB based app to storyboards in Objective C since I have legacy apps in Objective C.


Try this link! dropbox.com/s/2q4kmwhpnj9l8 … s.zip?dl=0 That is the solution to the final Homepwner project (so after the Size Classes chapter) in Objective-C using storyboards.


Thank you so much! I opened the project and this is exactly what I was looking for!