ObjectiveC and BNR Book


I’ve had to take a tiny break from ObjC and work a bit on some visual basic (hey, no jokes). While I am more familiar with VB I have to say that I couldn’t wait to get back to ObjC. It is so much more fun and XCode is so nice. MS has done a good job with Visual Studio, but XCode is the bomb. I suppose a lot of it also has to do with the platform desktop vs. iPad or iPhone. Still, Xcode just feels so integrated. Like they were made for reach other. Oh wait they were.

Also, while I’ve criticized BNR on a couple of issues, i.e. core data, I developed a greater appreciation for their style and structure of this book. One of the best features are the real challenges at the end of the chapter. The VB book presents such simple and trivial challenges it is almost useless doing them.

Anyway, great job BNR and keep up the good work.