Odd bug with my challenge code?


Adding this line:

to the drawRect: method in the BNR OvalShop example project properly logs:

2012-03-18 17:17:22.061 Ovalshop[1926:707] [[[self document] ovals] className] returns type of: __NSArrayM

The class names in my project are different, but otherwise the same. When it runs with:

The log shows:

2012-03-18 17:08:57.782 OvalFun[1876:707] [[[self ovalFunDoc] cadModel] className] returns type of: OvalView

Sending className to [self ovalFunDoc] properly returns my OvalFunDocument type and the code completion list properly states that cadModel returns an NSMutableArray. Option-clicking on cadModel says it’s declared in my OvalFunDocument.h not in OvalView.h.

Can anyone help me track down why cadModel would think it is an OvalView at runtime?