On pg 219, why is there no alloc & init for Possession class


I am confused why there is no alloc & init for Possession class on page 219 inside the ItemDeatilVewController.m.
Maybe this is a stupid question, but I can not understand the absence of instantiating the Possesion class in the ItemDeatilVewController implementation file.

On page 118 and 113, there are codes for alloc and init for the mappoint and HypnosisView classes.
What is the difference? Is this because you do not need the handle or the var of the Possession?

Could you please someone shed some light on this?

Thank you very much.


I think I understand the reason that there is no alloc and init, after reading several times.

I think the Possession class is used as a pointer to an preexisting Possession object. And it is declared there as a means to transfer that pointer between controller classes.

If this is not right, please correct me.
Thank you.


A bit late, but its set on page 220.

In bold in the book:

Remember, you are selecting a possession in the tableView and then going to another screen to see its details. So we get the possession from the PossessionStore and ‘pass’ it to the detailViewController.

In a storyboard you would do this in prepareForSegue.