Organized Errata Needed


I appreciate that there is an errata forum; however, it is not organized by chapter. It is a waste of the customer’s valuable time to have to search through the list to verify if what we are seeing in the book is a mistake or not. This is especially true for those new to Java/Android programming. Please provide a link from the book’s page to an easy to read and organized errata page.


Already on it, man. I’ll post a notice here when we get it up.


Hello, I know you said you are already working on it, but if I may make a suggestion.

I think it would be easier and more convenient if you create a sticky post in each chapter so that it is at the top. I would prefer not to have to visit 2 different places one for the errata and one to read the forums. I’m sure some posts would benefit from having it easily accessible on the same “page” as posts.

Just my 2[size=125]¢[/size]


That is a great suggestion. I don’t think we’re going to do exactly that (we’ve got other users of the errata who have other needs), but I think we can add a sticky post that will make what you describe pretty easy to do.


Is there any word on better organised errata? I’m working my way through the book (well written and structured by the way), but am finding it frustrating working with the errata. I like to have the errata available as I go through technical books. I thought I could just go to the errata forum topic, but it isn’t ordered by page number or chapter even.

I thought I could just search by chapter instead.
Searching the errata topic by chapter doesn’t work, eg If I do a search query on “Chapter 7” the system gives me:
“The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words”.

No luck with sorting by topic either.

Right now I have to go through all four pages of errata to see if there are any errata on the chapter I am on.

Is it likely the errata topic will be re-ordered, or chapter stickies created, anytime soon?


It really would be handy to have errata all in one place. I like the book, I have hard copy, but now wish i had the ebook version as that one appears to get updates because the media is easier to do so. Having this forum has been very helpful.


So the authors are happy to take our money and then stop giving us support when the book isn’t even a year old?

The errata page is so crap! 4 pages of confusion. Why can’t you (phillips and hardy) have an errata on each chapter so we don’t have to click on two separate forums?

It’s not hard to do, you just have to stop being lazy, click “new topic”, copy the entry from the old errata and paste into the new…too difficult for you?

Yes I just signed up to have a whinge about the shit errata page.


Where’s you find an errata page? I havent even found that.


I’m pretty sure he’s referring to this:

In my physical copy of the book which is the 2nd printing from September 2013, the vast majority of the errors have already been fixed. The biggest issue now is that the ADT new application wizard is no longer producing the same output as it was just a few months ago and that is causing some grief. But since the authors have posted the source code for each chapter, it’s not that difficult to work around the problem.


My physical copy of the book is the 1st printing from March 2013, purchased used on Amazon not realizing how out-of-date it was. I have all the errors and am more frustrated than others with the organization of errata in this forum. I am spending less time learning core concepts and more time reconciling template changes, provided solution files, and errata-rich book listings.

For example, see this errata post – “pg. 37 - Figure 2.7 ‘Button image’”. My page 37 has Figure 2.6, “New Button!” Is the page or the figure number or the figure title wrong? I have to guess I am looking at the right figure. It also says “Chapter 2 … A passage in the chapter says…”. WHERE in the chapter?! This is typical of what I am finding in trying to understand and reconcile errata with my edition of the book.

For an example of well-organized coding-book errata see the errata for the book Cracking the Coding Interview. Please do likewise.