Organizing files in Xcode project


Hi! I am learning iOS Programming with your great book. Now I am on View Controllers chapter 6.
After reaching to the end of the chapter I saw that there is a big mess in my project folder in Finder.
Here is how it looks like

Why some files is out of project folder and some are in?
Please explain when files go into project folder and when they go into project root folder.
And also I noticed that folders in Xcode are not the real physical folders in Finder.
I can make IMAGES group in Xcode and put some images there, but that images will go into
project folder physically or even into root folder…
Then what’s the best way to organize files of your project?
Tank you!


Well if in xcode’s navigator you have selected the project “Hypnotime” (for this case) when you are creating a new file, the new file will be created out of the project folder in Finder (next to HypnoTime.xcodeproj).

If you have selected the “HypnoTime” folder in xcode navigator, or one of the files in it, when you are creating a new file, it’s going to be in the project folder with all the other files in Finder.


nice, thanks for explanation!
one more question please: image I want to have images folder and keep all my png files there, when I create group with name “images” in xcode it shows like folder, but actually it isn’t a folder in Finder and all the files that I add into that folder in xcode will be just in project’s folder in Finder. Do I need to bother about that or is there any way to make and organize files in physical folders (like you see in Finder) ?