Other accent in voices


I don’t know for spanish, italian, etc… but in french “les chaussettes de l’archiduchesse sont elles sèches” is only horrific to hear with an american voice.
Is there a way to get a french (or spanish, or italian or …) accentuation to listen to the text ?
I search in the documentation and see how to get locale information from NSSpeechSynthetizer, but not how to setup in order to change the voice.

Thank you.

EDIT: really, no pointer, no idea ?
What I read about in the doc is really un obvious. But maybe I wasn’t on the good documentation…


So I know this is a year later, but someone might want to know…

You have to actually install the voices in system preferences. It doesn’t seem to get set by the locale, my locale is spanish spain and the default voice was in english (i set this prior when playing with the screen reader).

Because I configured my voice settings my spanish voices show up in the list of voices in the array/table view, and the default voice of my computer is spanish as well, so initWithVoice:nil selects the spanish voice.