While typing the code for the tadoodle app, I wonder: how wil I ever figure out the right way to start programming an app?
In this case, I myself would have started with the simple structure of getting the tasks in the tasklist.
Of course, it makes sense to first worry about saving and retrieving the tasklist.
Is this the way to do it? First work out your datamodel, second the interface and in- and output?
Or is it personal style?
How will I ever understand the smart way to start?


By reading good books (BNR books are a good start), practicing hard and learning from your mistakes. You can also learn by studying examples, especially those provided by Apple.


Thnks. I didn’t find a book yet which helps starting from scratch.
I suppose there must be a logical sequence, which comes naturally to seasoned programmers, and it would be really helpful learn from that.
I study Apple’s examples, but Apple’s doc is not primarily written for beginners.

That’s why I asked: is there a logical place to start: first the data model, than the UI? Or the other way around? Does it matter, or is it a personal preference?
Or is an object diagram the best place to start?
I would like to hear your opinion on this, if you don’t mind.


There is no perfect book for this. You just have to learn incrementally, by making mistakes (big and small) and learning from them.

  1. Conception of the product (the glorified name for a computer program and associated resources to be delivered to users.)
  • What is the product?
  • What do you want the product to do?
  • What do you want the product to look like?
  • etc.
  1. Design & Implementation & Testing (this can happen concurrently)
  • The front end - The GUI
  • The back end - The data and algorithms.
  • Testing to discover bugs and deficiencies.




can someone post the complete code? thanks