P 244 UIImagePickerController on iPad


Page 244 (just above Figure 14.4) states that “when using UIImagePickerController on an iPad, it must be presented in a popover controller”.
Yet this seems to be not the case, as the UIImagePickerController appeared to function as previously coded for the iPhone just fine on both my iPad and the iPad simulator.
Or did I misunderstand something?


They actually changed this really late in the game on us. Or I just missed it the first time around. Yes, you can present a UIImagePickerController modally on the iPad now.


Huh… my iPad 4.3 Simulator (iOS Simulator Version 4.3 (238.2)) is throwing a SIGABRT when I try to open the previously coded ImagePicker.
XCode 4.1 Build 4B110



They may have switched this back again. The documentation says you can’t, but you used to be able to… I have no idea. I wouldn’t present it modally :slight_smile:


It seems to work if you actually have a camera, ie. use a real iPad, but if you use the simulator that has no camera and thus wants to use your picture library an exception is raised with ‘On iPad, UIImagePickerController must be presented via UIPopoverController’. Rather inconsistently implemented by Apple.