With Xcode 6.1.1
on p 127 when I compile I do not get the error, end up with an app that does not have the reminderViewer just the familiar hypnosis screen.

I don’t see that I left anything out, try pushing ahead

in figure 6.13, the black pane titled File’s Owner does not have an Outlets section, only the Referencing Outlets and Referencing Outlet Collections sections.

If I select View instead of File’s Owner and control click I get a black pane titled View that has items for Referencing Outlets and Referencing Outlet Collections and one for gestures.

Seems like my mistake must be farther back in the chapter since no one else seems to have had this issue.

One thing I will say, I am an old programmer and programming by gesture (drag this to that) is MUCH harder to get my head around than a textual interface. You guys are doing a better job explaining that than other authors have. Debugging or trying to google up answers to why a gesture went wrong really has me bamboozled.


one more discrepancy on p 127
I don’t have a warning on the line defining *hvc

I thought that related to having written

#import “AppDelegate.h”
#import “MHEHypnosisViewController.h”
#import “MHEReminderViewController.h”


I had forgotten to comment out the line:
//self.window.rootViewController = hvc;

now it is giving me the warning and the error message on p 127.

Seems like excessive built in knowledge that I could not see those outlets (assuming that is what it was).


That did NOT solve the other issue. I two finger clicked on the .xib file and chose “delete” from the contextual menu tried to repeat steps on p 125 and 126. Same result. One thing I notice this time through is that at figure 6.9 what I see is different. The gray outline around the entire view is missing.

I suspect (but have no real way of sorting out) that the issue is in the step where I drag the UIView onto the .xib. (My hunch is: that’s what the missing gray outline is ‘telling me’). I don’t feel like I have any tools to get traction on this kind of issue. I don’t know how to google up the answers to things that are pictorial or gesture related.