Page 3 of Android Programming Book


At the bottom of page 3, it says “If your wizard looks very different, then the tools have changed more drastically. Do not panic. Head to this book’s forum at, and we will help you navigate the latest version.)” I am here, asking for help!

The first SDK I downloaded turned out to be Android Studio - which is different from the Eclipse version - right? I tried to start building the first GeoQuiz app there, but got an error when I tried to choose Nexus 5 as my emulator - something about it being unable to work with my CPU.

I then tried to use Eclipse, but “Android Application Project” is no longer an option after File -> New. The screen that comes up after choosing “Project” or “Java Project” is very different from what is shown in page 3 of the book.

What do I do?


You gotta change the settings in your BIOS, I had the same problem, just googled it and it literally is a simple BIOS setting change.