Partial localization mixing storyboard and xib



I have an app I inherited that uses a storyboard for its main presentation but also uses xib files. The xib files are used in some cases to contract view controllers, other times the xib’s are used for UIView subclasses. I’m running into a problem where the xib files seem to be only partially localized. For instance, one xib is used to define the header for a table view. The header contains 2 buttons, one with the localized text, the other in English (the language used to develop the app). In another view controller, one label is not localized, but others in the same view are, as are a couple buttons. This happens with a number of different kinds of views an controls (text fields, labels, buttons).

I’ve tried deleting the app and cleaning the project, but I can’t seem to consistently get an entirely localized app.

I’m using xcode 4.3.2 and iOS 5.0

Any help would be appreciated


I have it figured out. The original xcode project was not constructed as you would expect. When I put all the folders in the right place, everything worked.

Thanks just the same.