Passing messages question



I’ve been playing with the Gold challenge and have a question about passing messages. Currently I’ve completed the challenge and my custom UIView (displaying the image) is added as a subview of HypnosisView. What I’d like to happen is for the custom UIView to be drawn to the screen/added as a subview only after the device has been shaken so the colors of the rings change and the image appears together.

What’s the right way to go about that? HypnosisView is the first responder and has implemented the UIResponder method motionBegan… Would it check for the existence of, and then send a message to my customUIView object? Would I need to store a variable as a “flag” in WhereamiAppDelegate, and then have the custom class look there when it’s drawRect method is called? Would the mysterious NSNotificationCenter help?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share!


This ended up being helpful: … bjective-c

… but I’d still love to know the right way to do it!