Pasting from one view to another?


So, I got through the example and am left with a question: Is it supposed to be possible to Cut or Copy from one of the views and paste into another of them? Because if so, it’s not working for me. I can Cut/Copy from a view and then paste back to that same view, so it seems that Cut/Copy and Paste are working after a fashion. But copying from one view and pasting to another is not working, and I’m not sure whether that’s supposed to happen with this example or not.


Yes, you should be able to copy/paste to/from the BigLetterView and any other text field on your Mac. Are you able copy/paste to/from other applications? I remember running into this problem before but at the moment I can’t remember what the problem was.




The problem actually is that “Paste” is grayed out when the big letter view is selected, but available with the small fields. Something I missed on the code for the large view?

Hope you or someone else can help solve this for me.


Apologies if this question is too obvious, but did you implement the -paste: method in BigLetterView? Is there a typo in its method name?



Ooops! Yes, I had “past”. Working now, thanks!