Peculiar behavior with Asset Type table


I’m having some very odd behavior in the tableview showing the Asset Types.
Xcode 4.5.2 targeting iOS6 - behavior the same in the simulator and on hardware.

When I touch one of the entries in the Asset Type table it turns blue (i.e. selected) and just sits there. The
method does NOT get called at that point. Touching the entry again doesn’t change anything. If I then touch a different table entry, that second entry turns blue, the
method gets called with [indexPath row] set to the row of the entry that I selected first, and the view controller gets popped.
So I get the result I want, but I have to touch a different entry in the table to complete the action.

I am checking my code line-by-line, but I can’t even begin to imagine what might cause this.
Anybody have a clue?


I chose the wrong method with autocompletion. I wanted:

but what I chose was:

It does look pretty similar.
So the moral of the story goes: if selecting the first time doesn’t work but a second selection does do something – you are probably doing DidDeselect instead of DidSelect.
The larger moral is that when stuff isn’t working – look carefully at the methods you got with autocompletion.


Wanted to thank you for a) posting this and b) coming back after you had solved it for yourself. I came across this strange behavior when doing chapter 16. I knew there was a problem in the selection handler method, but didn’t know it was the method that I had selected that was the error. You saved my some frustration. Thanks again.


I also want to thank you! Saved me some time and gave me a lesson.