Permissions required for 2.2 devices


I am testing the code in the emulator and an older 2.2 device.

If you run the app from the end of the chapter on a 2.2 device it crashes with a permission error.

You need to add this to your manifest:

The code will run without this in the emulator with the latest API.

I am not sure if this is not required in the emulator or if later APIs handle it differently. Can someone clarify this?


I had the same permission issues for my Xperia running 4.2.2 (JellyBean).
Android documents on Intents and Content providers support the idea that implicit intents don’t require the permissions to be stated in the manifest, so I don’t totally follow what could be wrong either.


If it fails, that’s due to an issue in the implementation of the contacts client. The contacts client is responsible for implementing that interface correctly, and manufacturers are free to implement their own client. Apparently that intent interface contract isn’t locked down too well. :confused: