Pins not appearing


When running this app on the simulator should I be able to see the annotated pins showing up over the map. I have worked through this exercise multiple times and even added the updated method from the forum but still am not seeing the pushpin notations like the example image in Figure 5.1. I’ve also added multiple NSLog statements to make sure that I’m getting the proper values in my objects and everything appears correct so I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if it is just because I’m using the simulator and not a device.



I’m getting the pin for my home in the simulator, though it’s taking a fair bit of coaxing.

After the blue dot for Apple appears, I type in some text, I get a dialog box asking if it’s okay to use my location, I confirm…then nothing. However, when I option click on the screen (to simulate a two-finger tap, which normally zooms out one level), it zooms out…and then jumps to the pin. (I’m actually about 5 miles from Apple HQ; I don’t know if that matters here. So close, and yet so far…)

All of that to say…try navigating the map manually to where you live and see if the pin is there.

(In the latest version of the book, and the code, the app jumps to the pin location.)


Thanks for the help. Turns out it was adding the pins but since I live in the midwest I was not seeing them even when I zoomed out a little. But when I manually navigated to my location my pins were in fact there. Thanks Again,