Popover Delegate Protocol?


A philosophical question related to the Bronze challenge in this chapter:
Why doesn’t the UIPopoverControlDelegate protocol have a method that is called when the popover is dismissed programmatically?
The bronze challenge here seems like a pretty common use case for a popover. The method that puts the popover up needs to know when it is done so that it can display the new information. The protocol could be helpful for that, but it isn’t. The developer has to roll his own – either inventing a new protocol or using notification. Doesn’t make sense to me. I’m willing to believe I’m missing something, but what?

So, does this design make sense to anybody reading else and could they share with the rest of the class?


If you are sending the message to dismiss the popover programmatically, you can write the code you want executed right there - you have control over when this happens. You don’t ahve control over when the user dismisses the popover.