PopoverControl shows nothing


In the section labelled “Display the master view controller in portrait mode”, I implemented the two delegate methods in WebViewController.m. When I build and run, I see the List button and when I selected it the popover control shows, but it is empty. Doesn’t this automatically fill with the contents of the ListView? I put in the following method:

[code]- (void)splitViewController:(UISplitViewController *)svc
willHideViewController:(UIViewController *)aViewController
withBarButtonItem:(UIBarButtonItem *)barButtonItem
forPopoverController:(UIPopoverController *)pc
// If this bar button item doesn’t have a title, it won’t appear at all
[barButtonItem setTitle:@“List”];

// Take this bar button item and put it on the left side of our nav item.
[[self navigationItem] setLeftBarButtonItem:barButtonItem];


I went back and reviewed the code I added and it seems to match but I haven’t been able to make it show anything. Any one have any thoughts?