Possessions no longer appear after Editing Mode


After chapt 10, the UITableView was displaying all the rows from Possessions correctly.

Then, I added the code from the first part of Chapt 11 … the two buttons and the HeadView are displayed and the buttons are working but the original data src is no longer being displayed; i.e. the app is displaying an empty TableView.

Is something in the HeaderView causing the original code not to load the PossessionStore?



On page 196 (in chapt 11), is there a typo for the toggleEditingMode implementation?
Shouldn’t it be

  • (IBAction) toggleEditingMode: (id)sender

instead of

  • (void) toggleEditingMode: (id)sender


It appears that even though the headerView was set with Background opacity = zero, it was still blocking the main UIViewTableView.
So, the solution is this: when the UIView was dragged into the HeaderView.Xib during creation, it needs to be re-sized to a much smaller strip, enough to contain the 2 buttons will do.