Possible typo on page 152


The text calls out to “Organize your imports to resolve the references to DatePicker…” I have than issue in my code, did I leave something out by accident or is this forward looking the work in Chapter 12 which is referenced later?


Have you imported those classes? Ctrl+Shift+O? pg. 19

I’m not in that chapter yet so I’m not sure what solution to give you. I hope this helps.


I did import but as far as I can tell it didn’t bring in Datepicker, and it seems to work, which is why I’m assuming this is a typo unless I missed some other code I was supposed to add the created the requirement.


There is no reference to DatePicker in that listing. I’ll be adding the discrepancy to our errata. Thank you!


I just spotted this also. I think it should read “Organize your imports to resolve the references to Button and CheckBox”.


The Kindle version p.152 is fine, it references the CheckBox: