Preference Panel Localization/Folder heirarchy


Hey there! I tried to make a localized version of the Preferences panel for RaiseMan, by clicking the localization button in the file inspector with the Preferences XIB selected, and then editing the French XIB. Unfortunately, though, when I run the app, the panel still comes up in English, and I can’t figure out why.

In trying to troubleshoot it, I was looking at the bundle in Finder and came upon I question I’ve had since starting this book, which maybe has something to do with the problem (or maybe it doesn’t). When I created the Preferences Controller files and the Preferences XIB, they were not automatically put into the RaiseMan folder, but one level above it. (To be as clear as I can: Looking at the Project Navigator on the left of XCode, It has RaiseMan with a blue project image to it’s left, and within that the AppController files, Preferences files, and Person class, then another plain folder named Raiseman, with the Document files, etc.) Is this a problem? Why does it do this, and is there anyway to know where a file ought to be? Either way, hope you can help! And thanks for the book!


Ok a few things to check.

  1. In the Project Navigator, is the 'About.xib. expandable? i.e. there should be 2 items under it e.g. About.xib (French) and About.xib (English)
  2. If you click on the individual Expanded items (the two I mentioned previously), in the file Inspector under Localization, are the correct languages chosen for the correct xibs?
  3. Try to CLEAN then BUILD your app. CMD+SHIFT+K = Clean, then CMD=B to build, then CMD+R to run it to see if it’s worked. Cleaning flushed any crudd from the build directories.
  4. Are you swapping the language BEFORE you run the app? You can’t swap WHILST running the app, it won’t recognise a language change whilst running. Stop and repeat 3 above after swapping language.

Hope this helps.