Problem selecting a table cell


I’m working through the chapter, and tried the first build and run (p. 307). I tried selecting a cell to experiment with the thumbnail, but clicking on the cell didn’t do a thing. I finally noticed that if I click at the top of the cell (and only near the top edge), selection works as expected. Is this expected? I would think not. I’ll claim I made the edits in the book correctly (since I checked a few times). I’m actually surprised that I can even get the top edge click to work, since the image and text items all have auto-sizing arrows in the size inspector, so I would have thought that there would be no space outside of a text box and within the cell edge. Might the text boxes and image be intercepting the click, and then calling some unknown method that I didn’t implement? I see that the cell has User Interaction Enabled checked, and the image and text items do not, so that seems right. Any thoughts as to what’s going on? Thanks.