Problem with listing 9.13



I had a problem with listing 9.13, the one with changing the AndroidManifest.xml.

The problem is, if I simply move the intent filter from the CrimeActivity to CrimeListActivity element, my tablet(running Froyo) won’t be able to show anything. But if I further remove the CrimeActivity, it works properly. It seems the two of them can’t co-exist. But the weird thing is if the intent filter is inside of the CrimeActivity element instead of CrimeListActivity, it can also work. :unamused:

Can anyone explain to me why? Thanks!


Ah~~I’ve found out why based on the hints from this post:

It seems I’ll have to do some run configuration: right click on -> run as -> run configuration.
Click on AndroidApplication. In the project you want to configure(CriminalIntent in this case), you chose CrimeListActivity in the Launch Action.
It seems the adb would configure the default activity in the above procedure.