Problem with P249 code


All of the code examples in the book up until this point have worked flawlessly and it’s a possibility that I have made a mistake, but I can’t get the code example on the top of P249 to work properly. I ran the application at the end of P248 and everything worked as expected, but I am getting an error thrown on the setPossession: method. It also highlights the @synthesize Possession; line of the ItemDetailViewController file.

I’m wondering if maybe the setters weren’t set properly so I went back and double-checked that the Possession declaration and @property declaration in the header file were accurate and they both were. I also used the downloadable solutions to make sure there wasn’t anything amiss in those areas and couldn’t’ see anything either.

Has anyone else had this problem?


What’s the error say and on what line?

If you have @synthesize Possession, it should be @synthesize possession - lower p.