Problem with PreferenceController


I’m struggling with this chapter. First, when I created the PreferenceController class and then set it to be a subclass of NSWindowController, the name was changed by XCode to “PreferenceControllerWindowController”. I didn’t notice that until I had gotten as far as the AppController edits. So I blew those files away and restarted (had to do this a couple of times, actually). Then, when I restarted everything over, my IBAction and IBOutlet’s don’t get the little circles on the left and don’t complete properly, and when creating the XIB file, I don’t see changeBackgroundColor and changeNewEmptyDoc as received actions in the File’s Owner connections.

I sure hope I don’t have to re-do the whole RaiseMan project to fix this!

Any clues what to do next?


Hah! I figured out the problem, and it’s a rather embarrassing cockpit error. On my way again…