Problem with table View



I’m trying to load image in a table view
I want to get a list of image on the right side of the window app as we can have in preview, or something like, from which I can select one or more.
I succeeded to open the directory, load any image into NSImage and populate an array with them.
My xib contains one TableView with one column in which I put an “Image & text cell view”.

I tried to bind the column to the NSMutableArray, nothing appears
I tried to make the AppDelegate a NSTableViewDataSource, and outlet to the Table View, nothing appears.

I don’t need a based document as in chapter 11 (“carlot”), as I have nothing to save.

Did I miss the good method ?
Can you explain what will be the one you will choose ?
Thank you

Subsidiary question : how to increase the size of the image and decrease the one of the textfield ?
Is there a Cell type with only image, or with image and text at its bottom ?