Problems making connections after updating XCode


A month ago I completed Chapter 1 with no problem. Through circumstances, I was unable to return to the iOS Programming book until now. I decided to redo Chapter 1 which was apparently a mistake. I have since updated my XCode and now when I Control-Click on a button or label in my QuizViewController.xib file to find the File’s Owner (and therefore the outlets to connect to my button and / or labels) I do not get the same thing as demonstrated in the book.

For instance: when I control-click on ??? Label it does not say File Owner at the top and I do not have an Outlets option underneath that. Instead, when I control-click it says “Label” at the top and my options are then Outlet Collections, Referencing Outlets, and Referencing Outlet Collection. None of these contain questionField or answerField. And none can be used to make the connection to the actual label. My QuizViewController.h is done correctly (all semicolons are in place etc.) and I have saved the files. I’ve also restarted the computer, retyped everything, re-saved everything, and stood on my head.

Any advice? Where do I now find the File’s Owner and, therefore, the outlets I can use to connect the QuizViewController to my labels and buttons?

Thank you!


Can you see the File’s Owner icon? If you see it, you should be able to drag from or to it to set up connections.


Yes. I see it. And I can’t believe what an idiot I am. I was control-clicking on label under View instead of control-clicking on File Owner as I was instructed to do. No wonder it was so easy and straight forward the first time I did it.

Thank you for once again saving me from myself!


I am having the same exact problems, yet the solution that worked for him is not working for me